Many teachers and parents alike are actively involved in literacy initiatives throughout the state of Maine and New England. Their goals are a long commitment to exercise and instill in our children high quality reading and language arts. The efforts of people like this go a long way to ensure that our children have the necessary literary skills and education to carry them through their lifetime.

Associations like the Maine reading Association put on workshops for teachers who are looking to improve teaching skills in the classroom. The Maine reading Association meetings are free to members that are in good standing, while average cost to attend for anyone else is usually $15. The upfront fee will usually cover one’s membership in Maine’s reading Association. A typical meeting can consist of watching a short video on teacher study groups that often times feature a literacy specialists. At times everyone who attends may receive a copy of literature that can help parents and teachers become better literacy leaders.

Teachers are encouraged to attend any Maine reading Association meetings because of the rare opportunities to hear from literacy experts such as Janet Allen, who is an international consultant in the field of literacy that is recognized for her comprehensive work and reading education.

Our children’s future is our responsibility. It is important as leaders, teachers and parents that we take the leadership role to help our children not only learn, but see the importance of reading and comprehension. Learning does not have to be dull or boring, it can be fun and exciting as well as entertaining for children of all ages. Do your part to support the Maine reading Association. When at all possible make a conscious effort to attend meetings and learn what you can do to share in the task of teaching our children.

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