Little dolphin song – Excerpt Chapter 6 – Lost and Found

spacer dolphin book

Nighttime came and Kiwa swam on. The moon rose over the calm sea and stars began to twinkle overhead. A shooting star swept across the sky, and Kiwa began to sing a song that her mother had sung to her when she was but a small porpoise in the lagoon.

little dolphin song

Dream to swim, my little one,
In the open sea, under the warm sun.
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Sing songs of the deep blue sea,
where the whales play
and the dolphins are free.
spacer dolphin book
Beyond the reef
where the terns fly
and catch their fish
 from the noonday sky.
spacer dolphin book
Together we shall always be,
to play in the depths of the deep blue sea.   
spacer dolphin book
   To run with the marlins
and play with the seals.
spacer dolphin book
Forever and ever, my little one I am always near.

Kiwa the little dolphin book excerpt – she sings a song her mother taught her when she was a small porpoise.