Children’s book about a dolphin – Excerpt Chapter 10 – Kiwa’s New Quest

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children's book about a dolphinKiwa and Ossa swam in the crystal clear water and jumped often into the warm sunshine. Together they chased fish and played many games as they made their way to the north. They stayed close to the shore where they knew the fishermen would not go and where they would eventually find Kiwa’s little lagoon. Above them, birds flew and dove into the sea, while below them the sea grass danced in the currents. For a while they forgot about their troubles and enjoyed their time together.

Kiwa didn’t really know how far away her lagoon was. She had traveled with Humphrey for nearly a week before they came upon Sisko and the other dolphins.

Read more about the little dolphin Kiwa and her friends, available on as a paperback along with the option to download it as a Kindle book.

We hope you will enjoy the adventure’s of Kiwa and her friends!

Genre: Fiction, Sea Stories
Paperback: 104 pages
Published: September 30, 2010
Language: English