Tales of the Little Lagoon, a young dolphin’s quest to find her lost mamma.
An ebook for children also available in paperback

Ebook for children, Tales of the Little Lagoon is centered around a young dolphin named Kiwa. The little dolphin has to find her own in a troubled sea filled with dangers and challenges. Having lost her mother to fishermen, she takes the challenge to go find her mother, and finds herself along the way. Colorful characters and Kiwa’s refusal to give up leads the reader on a wonderful journey. This tale can be purchased as an ebook for children and is also available in paperback, it’s a wonderful gift and an interesting read for all ages.

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Prologue for Tales of the Little Lagoon ebook for children

For the lost people that swim endlessly in this Sea that we call Earth,
this story is dedicated to you, and the one truth that dwells deep within your very soul:
That we all can live and believe in our hopes and our expectations, for someday, we can swim faster, jump higher than ever before, and to achieve what our hearts desire.
To believe in oneself is the art of making what
all of us really believe in come true:
Our dreams…

Excerpt chapter 1 – Kiwa

Once, in a lagoon bluer than the eyes of a newborn child, there lived a baby dolphin. She had no fear of any living being, not of the land or sea for that matter, for she was safe and free…until the fishermen came.
Kiwa was the first born to a pod of dolphins. Her father Rasa was the strong leader and her mother Riana, a beautiful wife. Riana taught her daughter many things in the little lagoon. She taught her how to swim, how to catch her food and most importantly, how to play. For many hours, they would leap high into the air, then splash! Back into the protective cool waters of the little lagoon.