Tales of the Little Lagoon – Book Reviews eBooks for children

“I loved the story of Kiwa, I loved the interaction between her and all the other sea creatures, I hope you will write another book, you did a wonderful job. I will be sending this book to my grandaughter. I’m sure she will enjoy it as I did. merry Christmas.”
~ Lillian McDonald

“I have read, Tales of the Little Lagoon – Kiwa’s Story. You are to be congratulated for an outstanding literary achievement. The cover design is professionally arranged and naturally arouses the readers interest.

From chapter to chapter, I was held in suspense and eager to travel along with Kiwa and share the challenges of life. This is a smooth, excellent reading for young people; a great lesson in pursuing the fundamental values of success.

We will be looking forward to your future writings. Good luck and keep the intellectual wheels turning!”
~ Russell H. Day

“I read the book, and could not put it down. It will hold the interest of everyone who reads it. The characters are special and are waiting for any more books that you may write. Congratulations! It is awesome. Barbara Yates.”
Barbara Yates

“I absolutely love the book. I can’t wait to read it to my students. The book uses all of the readers’ emotions…which bring the book to life. It’s an outstanding book. Congratulations to the author!!! I hope to see many more by him.”
Martha Taylor

“Your Mom gave me book yesterday. Could not wait to finish it. Great reading for 70 and younger. Best of luck on this book and maybe a future one.”
– Gerri Rogers

“I certainly did…they arrived the day before the party and were a big hit. My little Hooper who is only 2 was calling the book cover “baby baluga” LOL Thanks again they were a wonderful addition to their presents.”
Stephanie White Hupe

“OMG! Just had to tell you, I read the first couple chapters of your book and you want to hear something strangely funny. My fiance’s grand daughter lives with his mother (yeah, a little strange-her great grandmother) Guess what she calls her? Yup- mamma. I can’t wait to read her this or send it over.”
Patti Davis

“I read your book, it was GREAT! When’s Disney going to make a movie based on it?”
Donna Savage

“This book is a hit!!!, such a sweet inspiring story. I believe this could and should fill some shelves in the elementary schools!. I highly recommend it. Mark you did it! I can’t wait for the next book. Congrats again!”
Louise Holmdahl Smith